Welcome to my Animation page,

August 2015 ZTA Video DUBFLOWZ

April 2013…Bubble effects/editing for Kingtubz/Synthetique video

May 2012.. ‘I see you’… Cosmic swirly eye video!

April 2009..ZTA video ‘Chips’n’Dips’………(Zero the Alien. copyright2008)


Sepember 2008 ‘Zero’ the Alien…Singing a version of ‘Clutch’…..(Zero the Alien. copyright2008)

2006 Showreel (24mb)wmv… Contains samples of work since 1989

I appear live in this Central TV News item about ‘Coconuts’  animated cartoon series by Wireless Pictures ltd. Based in the Lace market in Nottingham, 1989 My first animation job!

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